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New House, New Dog, New Cat, New Aching Muscles!!

It was our goal at the beginning of the year to sell up & move out to the country! That we did, but kept our "creature" comforts in mind for both us & our "creatures" and found a great place just off Fern Ridge Reservoir, Veneta.

So in May, it was goodbye suburban Cinnamon Avenue, hello country like Vista Drive! We were so excited about finally achieving our goal (the idea for this began way back in 1995!) that we moved & settled in within a few days!

Our new home has in theory anyway, 2 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths, in reality, it's one big bedroom, an office and 1 1/2 baths! The original house was an old fishing hangout built in 1952, but the sellers remolded most of it to a more modern, yet charming country home. Windows everywhere!  From the photos below, you will see that the property is full of mature trees, over an acre is forest of old growth & newer growth and about an acre is open grass. The Boys are in heaven!! We are also about a 2 minute walk from the lake and a 5 minute drive to the nearest dock site to go jet skiing!!

Hope you enjoy the photos below, click on the picture to enlarge. We will be periodically adding more in as we customize this property to our future plans (oh no! another session of pond photos!!!) 

Vista_-_Back_View_from_fence_0403.JPG (368129 bytes) Vista_-_Entry_Courtyard_0403.JPG (415819 bytes) Vista_-_Entry_Courtyard_2_0403.JPG (439457 bytes)
Back view of house Part view of courtyard Other part view of courtyard
Vista_-_Driveway_Entry_0403.JPG (414432 bytes) Vista_-_South_Side_Front_0403.JPG (409462 bytes) Vista_-_Outbuildings_0403.JPG (416396 bytes)
Entrance/driveway Front view with courtyard A couple of the outbuildings
Animals at Vista 006.jpg (226888 bytes) Sharing_the_settee_2_0403.JPG (237151 bytes) Animals at Vista 010.jpg (317573 bytes)
Sally -- came with the house, lovely cat, seems to like it here after the "boys" have gone to bed. Monty & Duke are doing great with all the new changes! They began sleeping it off just prior to the start! Kiesl joined us, a few days after we moved in, at 8 months old and full of energy & playfullness

Thumbnails now repaired, sorry about that.

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