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          Welcome to us!

You have reached the web site of Adrian & Mary Frost. We have been residing in Oregon since our move from the UK in July 1997.  The first two years Mary lived in our current home while Adrian completed a few more trips to China and finished his time with Molins working in Moscow in 1999. Upon getting his green card & residency sorted out, he joined Mary and the Boys.

Adrian has been working for VersaLogic (a computer board company) since he settled in Oregon.  Mary is currently an "at home mom" to the Boys and looking after the new homestead including Adrian!  In a lovely twist in life, we are currently enjoying our lives here more than we ever expected ... well Mary knew that Oregon is a fabulous place - also commonly referred to as "God's Country" - Adrian has embraced this State as his own! 

As our friendship/family base has grown and seems to be dotted all over the more interesting places in this world, we developed our website to be a communications medium to handle the different time zones J !

No giving us grief for typo's or anything like that ... watch out, we do have the incriminating evidence and it WILL be published if you give us hassle :-) . Most of all though do check back regularly. Once the main info is in we will try to keep it up to date with the latest events and happenings. 

A lot of who we are is defined by our "Boys" - Duke, Monty and most recently Kiesl are a very special parts of our lives and we have dedicated much of this site with them in mind. 


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