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The Boys:

Our original pack was Sam, Duke & Basil, as we don't have children, we have our "boys".  Sam,  Duke & Basil came to us from rescue centers in England (Sam in 1990, Duke in 1991 & Basil in 1995).  Our first "mutt" was Sam (picture below, who came from the same rescue center as Duke, Blue Cross Animal Shelter, Burford, Oxfordshire) joined us 5+ years. Duke was guesstimated at 1 year in '91, Basil was 2ish in '95.

Monty is our first purebred who came to us at a wee 14 weeks and a mere 51 pounds! Kiesl, our second purebred, is our most recent addition to the pack and joined us at 8 months & 81 pounds.

Sam also came to the USA with us and shared two more years with us before we lost him to health problems.  He is forever in our hearts as our first boy!



Meet Monty.  He (although not a mutt) is the youngest in our family. Born March 12, 1999, the first in a litter of 11 bouncing baby Irish Wolfhounds.  He joined us in July 99 (at a mere 3 months & 51 lbs) and has provided equal joy as he has work!  At  2 years of age, he stood 3 feet at the withers & weighed in at 176 lbs.  Monty has also put his "paw" in the show ring and teaching me the meaning of dog.   

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Beating Basil?  Not a chance.  Basil was our Lab-mix and became a member of the family in August 95. During the Spring & Summer, Basil completed two levels of agility - not bad for an old guy!


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Dare Duke!  He'll certainly consider your request, but he's more likely to let you wait on him. Duke is a rescue pup. We found him when he was 1 year old (give or take a bit, he was a stray) back in 1991. He was  active in residential visitations until he retired this year (2003) - one of the few "pure bred mutts" soft enough for just about anyone.

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Keeping Kiesl! As this is our first year with Kiesl (pronounced KeySill), we are still in amazement at what a wonderful playmate he has turned out to be ... When Basil passed away in 2002, we decided to wait until our move to our new home to find Monty a new buddy (Basil taught Monty most of his bad habits :-) ! ).  Kiesl is quite a different personality than we have been used to, but his brains don't always outsmart us ... he's keeping us on our toes and most of the time, ahead of his devious actions!

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