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This is a section I will try to keep up detailing web site updates, now don't tell me off for missing one.

 June 2003,

Ha, you want Lax, shazam, 6 months, yes the move happened. yes we are suffering / enjoying the fall out. All new pages, we went to town... OK not quite but

Dec 16th 2002

Phew, Oh my god, 6 months, apologies, we have been lax... OK excuses, selling house etc, having fun on the lake more like :-) so, major update, new photo's page, Christmas page, Basil update (RIP) re-arrange, we are getting there...

May 27th 2002

Few minor updates and additions, dog's pond, front page.

April 22nd 2002

Wow it has been a while, just got the bill, had the site 13 months now... Also heard we can have up to 25 MB of storage, was 10 Mb, nice, less deleting. OK today... Pond. Major new page of pic's added.        We then got busy and added a general new pic's page. Good ones we have not found a place for yet.  

Dec 13th

Mary re-arranges several pages starting with "About Us" 

Dec 12th

Added the Christmas 2001 page, ...  And then we deleted it, the internet is so fleeting...

Dec 11th

Wow where to start, err basically I have moved everything around to simplify the navigation and hopefully not loose links in future. Finally gave up and added a menu page for the photo pages, also decided to simplify the front page and move what was there to an "about us" section. Once we have a control on the revamp then a new page will be created for the latest photo's and some detailed updates to the dog's section (Mary)

Oct 23rd

Updates regarding Monty - quite a change in our lives. See his page.

Sept 5th

Major hassle with the web site, ended up hitting my limit while Frontpage was listing the pages for a clear up... :-( Took a week to get the headers working after the re-set.

July 5th

OK deleted the scratch page, not needed, as for the rest, it will do until I have some time to re-arrange the photo's page.

June 17th

Finally got the last few photo's on the web site,   Gotta get the photo's better organized too...

June 5th

After a couple of days of cleaning up and selecting photographs we now have the Irish trip documented...  

May 29th 2001

In preparation for major update removed Disney and Fall Creek web pages. Also added first page of UK trip, friends at Shilton...   

April 1st 2001

Oregon Coast Aquarium page added. 

Mar 30th 2001

Link fix after page rename

Mar 26th 2001

Few minor problems that cropped up were repaired today, formatting for the interests page (tables are so easy) and discovered my Web Hosting service is Case Sensitive (sorry Martin...). 

Mar 25th 2001

OK this is a biggie. Updated Duke and Basil pages with info. Added more to Monty's page and also re-arranged the main Photo Page. Basically we have spent the last few day's getting our photo's categorized and now we can find stuff...

Worked on the main page adding more photographs and a better feel and content. Also went on day trip to Fall Creek reservoir, who stole the water?

Mar 20th 2001

Wow, OK we were impressed, less than 24 Hours and the Muttsweb URL came live through May take some time to propagate through the Internet but we sent out our announcement this evening and got some very nice replies back.

We also had a problem at 5DollarHosting, our menu page went down L filled in the form and 10 minutes later it was fixed (and I think that was while his servers processed the task).  So Far 5Dollarhosting get the 2 Thumbs up from us. J

Mar 19th 2001

Finally got hosted at ahh, just have to wait for network Solutions now.

Mar 18th 2001

Mary spent some time creating Monty's page, check it out.

Mar 16th 2001

Downloaded a load of dog related clip art and spiced up the front page a bit. Now I know how to do the headers and footers for a more custom look too...

Mar 15th 2001

Added a few more pages under the dog's and played with the navigation bar's. Think I will end up putting in my own proper links mostly once I get the theme sorted, they are giving me too much hassle. 

Am still waiting on the URL, Hugh's place is overloaded and unresponsive so I am waiting on Dave Pierce at Willamette. net hoping he can set me up.

Feb 26th 2001

OK added this page, that was easy...

Feb 19th 2001

Ahh the date I purchased Muttsweb from Network Solutions. I then asked a friend and work colleague Hugh Oberg to assist me is setting up a site, he set me up with ........... hmm, canna remember for now. However an hour pointing out the basics of FTP and hitting web servers and I think I have the basics nailed down. I also uploaded the first revision of the site to a sub directory on Hugh's site, have not got FrontPage2000 to upload properly yet but I am still waiting for the URL to be re-directed.